Guyana Wastewater Revolving Fund (GWRF)

Pilot Project Title:

Testing a Prototype Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management GEF


The Guyana Pilot Project aims to support the efforts of the Government of Guyana (GOG) in improving wastewater management, with specific focus on public-private partnerships. The large commercial and industrial wastewater generators in Guyana belong to the private sector. Through GEF CReW, the Guyana Wastewater Revolving Fund (GWRF), valued at US$3 million, was created, with an additional US$560,000 committed in counterpart funding from the GOG.

In the short term, the Project’s objective is to raise awareness of the issues surrounding wastewater management in Guyana. Successful establishment of the GWRF, promotion of the first generation projects, and operationalizing the revolving fund, are seen as important steps in introducing much needed integrated wastewater management.

Activities include:

    • Consultancy for Development of Policy and Operational Framework of Guyana Wastewater Revolving Fund (GWRF)
    • Targeted Promotional Campaign for First Generation Projects of the GWRF
    • Project Financing for the First Generation Projects

Status of Pilot project:

The Guyana Wastewater Revolving Fund (GWRF) was established in 2012 and the Ministry of Housing and Water is responsible for its operation. It offers loans to private businesses for construction and/or rehabilitation of wastewater treatment facilities at a rate below prevailing market interest rates. Private sector enterprises are encouraged to apply to the fund and thereby to benefit from available local and international technical and financial expertise.

Currently the policy and operational framework of the GWRF is being developed. Potential first generation projects which could be funded by the GWRF are in various stages of preparation and review. In order to encourage more applications to the Fund, its promotion to the national community via a targeted, multi-media campaign began in January 2014.

What is the CReW?

The CReW is a four-year project that began in 2011. It is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and implemented by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

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